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About Us

Like most businesses, we were born after seeing a need

Rich, our lead developer worked as a broker at a small mortgage brokerage. Because he was the one in the office who could "fix" Outlook when it was misbehaving, he also became the go-to techie in the office. It didn't take long for him to see that small businesses without much tech experience are being taken for a ride.

After a summer of working there - and rebuilding the terrible WordPress site his company had paid (too much) for - Rich shipped off to university.In his spare time he kept making little websites and doing on-the-side contract work whenever the opportunity came along. In his fourth year, he took an entrepreneurship class where the students had to operate a small business for 10 days. Naturally, Rich decided to do what he knew and convinced his group to run a web design company called StudentDesign for those 10 days. Student design operated on the same principles of NoBull Co. - Be fair and upfront.

They couldn't keep up.

Business after business approached Rich after StudentDesign had ended, looking for quality web work at Rich's famously fair prices. The following year, in fall 2016, Rich convinced Chanelle to start the business with him, and NoBull was born. Founded on ideas formed after watching exactly what it was a small business needed, and more importantly, what they didn't need (to pay for), NoBull Co. is built for small businesses by being simple, fair and upfront.