NoBull means no bullsh*t.

"You Probably Don't Need a Blog"

The reality is, 90% of businesses out there really don't need more than a basic website - a place to share a bit about the business, a few pictures, what kind of services they offer and how to find them and get in touch.

That's it.

We're not here to try and sell you on more than that - we think there's already plenty enough people out there already trying to do that.

Nope, instead, we at NoBull try and operate by our defacto slogan, "You probably don't need a blog." We're not really keen on trying to up sell you. Instead we may just try and convince you that less is more. We like to think of it as being a fair web design company.

A Fair Web Design Company.

You may be thinking to yourself anyone can say they're a fair company - what makes you so special? Great question!

The whole idea of came about after I (Rich Smith - the face behind this business) watched my dad's business get taken for a ride when they had their website overhauled. That terrible experience led to me starting a web design company as a university project based entirely on the premise of treating businesses how I wish my dad had been treated.

Turns out, the list on how to treat people fairly in this business isn't actually that long.

It really boils down to
three simple things:

Be upfront on the price.

We're the only web development company we know of that has their prices on their website. Seriously. In fact, you can go see them now if you'd like.

We think us being upfront on our prices from the beginning is kind of a big deal. Seriously, go Google a few other web design firms around you. Betcha they don't have their prices on their website. πŸ™ƒ

It's just our little way of showing you that we're going to treat you fairly.

Provide a great product.

We treat a new website as a means to an end - where the end means more sales for the business hiring us.

We just don't think you can fully achieve that by buying a WordPress template, customizing it then giving it back to the client with a smile. It's not right.

Which is why we hand code every site that we make. It lets us build a better website the first time. You can read more about why we hand-code all our sites below.

Charge a fair price.

Building a website just isn't rocket science. We don't think it should be priced like it is either.

Instead, we believe that our prices should be based on us making a decent living and being able to support our small family. No more, no less.

To keep prices down, we've done everything we can to make the whole process as time efficient as we can.

While we're pretty sure we're not the cheapest option out there (you can go to India or even Fiver for that - we'll be here once you realize you get what you pay for there πŸ˜‰), we're certain we're not the most expensive either. We think we're pretty fair.

If what we're saying makes sense to you,
why not...

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Some of our past work

E-Commerce Site Build
This was a multi-month project rebuilding an E-Commerce site from the ground up to be fast, responsive and perform well.
Full Site Build & Rebrand
Not only did we build out this site from scratch, but we were put in charge of all online marketing and branding. So far, so good!
Site Cleanup
We were brought in to clean up a purchased template to increase search engine ranking. Sped the site up by 92%. 🏎
Full Site Build & Rebrand
Built a new site from scratch bringing them up on Google ("Calgary mortgage broker") from 48th average search rank position to 5.5 average position. πŸ“ˆπŸ”₯
Full Site Build
Brought to me as an idea from a past client, this was just a simple "online brochure" style site to be used to explain the idea of the business to differnt sports teams.
Up to your imagination! 😊
If what we're saying is resonating with you, why not it be your business here next?
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I mean, to have read to this point means at least a couple things that we've been saying makes sense to you. So why not see if we can make something work for you? We're really not pushy salespeople - promise πŸ˜‰

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